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Although there are numerous categories of businesses, the need for Information Systems and Security Technologies is common to all businesses.  Since 1985 Polytron has concentrated on being a Systems Integrator.  This means taking a different approach to being an services provider.  While others look to specific applications such as desktop connections, video surveillance, access control, Polytron's view is that everything must be connected to be useful and functional.  


Polytron specializes in first being a Telecom company that provides a broad range of wired and wireless digital connections.  Then Polytron selects the best-of-breed IT, security, and applications technologies, becomes an authorized partner to become a subject-matter expert, to provide a fully networked and integrated turnkey system that includes a variety of applications.  This approach reduces the number of suppliers required to address complex, multi-faceted challenges.  Polytron becomes the single point of contact to design, implement, and maintain systems.  This is normally done without subcontractors.  


Polytron employees perform the design, implementation, and maintenance.  By using Polytron employees, successful complex system implementations are repeatable and risks are greatly reduced.  No finger-pointing, no excuses.  Just System Integration at it's finest.  Polytron, since 1985, building customer success stories and loyal customers. 

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